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İnsan Kaynakları Politikası


Olive Furniture, workforce management and skills development of our approach, our understanding of the quality of service we offer to our customers are in the same direction.

Every employee within our organization, as players, compatible and mutually supportive team of individuals, the airport and has a share in the success of our company.

Our human resources policy the workforce needed to meet our business objectives and in line with our strategies, this will ensure the continuity of power in the most efficient way to create an environment that will be assessed and targeted.

In this context, our basic principles are as follows:

  • Motivation of our employees and their commitment to keep in the forefront of ISG,
  • Provide continuous training and development opportunities for our employees,
  • In terms of work safety and occupational health safe, healthy and create a peaceful working environment and to ensure continuity
  • Our employees uphold the rights to the material and spiritual
    To appreciate and reward our high performing employees to the extent of the possibilities,
  • Our human resources policy is one of continuous review, update and improve.

Training and personal development Opportunities;

We provide our employees with the training need within the company and outside the company,

  • professional knowledge and competencies
  • offers the opportunity to develop behavioral skills and leadership abilities.

Individual Development Training;

To develop the potential of individual staff, personal and corporate training to improve productivity. All our training center is implemented as planned.

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